Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick’s Between Men at Thirty: Queer Studies Then and Now
City University of New York, October 23, 2015

Symposium Program and Video Recordings
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Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick’s landmark book Between Men: English Literature and Male Homosocial Desire was the focus of an international, interdisciplinary symposium to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of its original publication, and the publication of a new 30th Anniversary Edition with a foreword by Wayne Koestenbaum. Presented by The Center for the Humanities, the symposium was organized by Jason Edwards, Joshua Wilner, and H.A. Sedgwick.

According to the organizers, the conference examines “both the singular impact of Sedgwick’s ground-breaking work and its multiple and on-going ramifications.” It includes “a series of short papers engaging with the text, its reception, and its relevance to the evolving field of queer studies. Additionally, a panel of editors who have published, and continue to publish, Sedgwick’s writing will discuss working with her and the nature of her authorship as its image or significance changed over the decades.”

Hosted by the CUNY Graduate Center in collaboration with the History of Art Department at the University of York, UK.

Co-sponsored by the CUNY Graduate Center’s Advanced Research Collaborative, the CUNY Graduate Center’s Futures Initiative, Guillotine Press, Columbia University Press, and the CUNY Graduate Center’s Ph.D. Program in English.

Talk Session 1
Moderator: Jason Edwards, University of York

“The Eve Effect”
Wayne Koestenbaum, CUNY Graduate Center

“Reckless Pleasure: The Style in Sedgwick’s Preface”
Angus Brown, University of Oxford

“Eve Between the Lesbians: Lesbian-Feminist Criticisms of Between Men”
Kathryn R. Kent, Williams College

“Between Men’s Bodies”
Michael Moon, Emory University

Session 1 from The Center for the Humanities.

Panel “Publishing Eve”
Moderator: Andrew Parker, Rutgers University

Jennifer Crewe, Columbia University Press

William Germano, Cooper Union

Sarah McCarry, Guillotine Press

Nancy K. Miller, CUNY Graduate Center

Ken Wissoker, Duke University Press and CUNY Graduate Center

Panel on Publishing from The Center for the Humanities.

Talk Session 2
Moderator: Joshua Wilner, City College and Graduate Center, CUNY

“A Piss on the Grass: Between Men at Thirty”
Jason Edwards, University of York

“Beyond Between Men: Eve Sedgwick’s The Warm Decembers”
Carolyn Williams, Rutgers University (New Brunswick)

“Looking Back Up the Postern Stair: The Open Secret of Meaning in Edwin Drood”
Ben Westwood, University of Oxford

“Between Men in 30 Years”
Cathy Davidson, CUNY Graduate Center with the assistance of
Kalle Westerling and Danica Savonick, CUNY Graduate Center

Session 2 from The Center for the Humanities.

Talk Session 3
Moderator: Carolyn Williams, Rutgers University (New Brunswick)

“Between Women, Between Men”
Michele Wallace, City College and Graduate Center, CUNY

“Analytic and Unpresuming: Intellectual Suppleness in Between Men”
Ben Nichols, Kings College, London

Sharon Marcus, Columbia University

Jonathan Goldberg, Emory University

Session 3 from The Center for the Humanities.